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Many years experience in Deplomatic cycle, policy analysis, direct foreign investment, human resource management, human rights, conflict resolution and Business development.


17 years experience in Private

Many years experience in Deplomatic cycle, policy analysis, direct foreign investment, human resource management, human rights, conflict resolution and Business development.


Advanced Deploma on Cargo Handling, (International School of Avietion) First Degree: Intelligence and Security Studies (Novena University) Doctor of Comerce at Liberal Bilingual University of Togo 🇹🇬 Senior fellow at Institute of Information and Strategic Management, Nigeria Institute of Information and lot more.

Citation of Young Piero Omatseye

Dr. Young Piero is popularly called ‘Pacesetter’ and globally recognized as Amb. Young Piero.

Amb. Piero is a significant individual that is committed to the advancement of the Africa continent and youth representation through dialogue, projection and collaboration in leadership.

Piero has represented Nigeria in high profile youth Conferences as a Speaker and has led youth Delegations to summits/youth engagements in Africa and beyond Africa as Nigerian Youth Ambassador, he is a coordinator in the Nigeria Rebirth Project (NRP), an Organization committed to deliver a supper Nation, Nigeria coordinator Earth-right International.


Amb. Dr. Young Piero is the
● Africa Coordinator of Jet Age Nation Builders, and instituting he built from scratch and coordinated to be top ranked in Africa, with physical representation in 16 countries including USA and has partnership with UN, EU, Turkey Investment and other organisations.
He is;
● Paliament member, African, Pacific and Caribbean joint session with the European Union (ACP-EU).
● Executive Director, Young Piero Tours Int’l.
● Executive Director, P’s Consultant/Real Estate and
presently seat as Board Director to local and international organizations.

Amb. Dr. Young Piero is a graduate of the International School of Aviation, holds a Bachelor’s Degree on Intelligence and International Studies from Novena University and he is honored with an Honorary Doctorate Degree from Liberal Billingual University Togo, as a Doctor of Commerce.

Dr. Young Piero is an Associate Member with a senior fellow Award of the chartered institute of information and strategic management..
● Senior Fellow of Professional Mentor and Coaching and also to other local and international institution.


Some Award of Dr. Young Piero includes

African Child Prize

African Child Prize as a Youth Role Model By the African Child Foundation.

African Youth Role Model

African Youth Role Model, by the American International, Educational Federation and other local and international honors and recognition.

Africa Vision Personality of the Year

Africa Vision Personality of the Year 2021 At the 6th edition of the African Icon Award

Pan African Youth Personality

Pan African Youth Personality By Africa Vision (Give a Child a Future)

Dr. Young Piero

He is a change maker, mobilizer, humanitarian, a goal getter, pace setter and a motivator.

Amb. Dr. Young Piero Omatseye






Lawmaking is one of the principal responsibilities of Representatives specified in the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria among other rules guiding the functions of the National Assembly. Accordingly, the Representatives are vested with the mandate to make laws that will enhance peace, order and good governance in the Federation are clearly specified. However, the nature of laws that will emanate from the Assemblies vis-a-vis their usability to societal peace and development depends on the nature and expertise of people in national assembly. This is the single driving force for my aspiration.
If elected, I will sponsor bills that are people oriented and people driven. To achieve this, I will always make it a duty to always convene an annual town hall meeting of Stakeholders in Warri Federal Constituency for annual town hall meetings in the 3 Local Government Areas that makes up Warri Federal Constituency. This will create the platform for effective representation of the good people of Warri, and enhance true service to humanity. I will also appoint LGA coordinators with offices in all the LGAs under Warri to enable us have first-hand information on how and what the people feel and need. This will not only bring me closer to my people, it will also ensure prompt response to challenges faced ¬¬- when we know, then we can act accordingly.

As expected, the National Assembly is about lobbying and making laws to favour a lawmaker’s primary constituency. With my experience as Member of Parliament, Africa, Caribbean and Pacific joint session with the European Union (ACP-EU) were I represent Africa youths and also as Coordinator of the Jet Age Nation Builders (JANB), I have what it takes to represent Warri Federal Constituency in the 10th assembly.


At the heart of my empowerment programme for young people is to create employment for our youths by championing the industrialization and Human capital Development through block chain technology. This I hope to achieve by working in partnership with local and international Tech companies to localize their expertise to ensure the enterprise and ingenuity of our youths are adequately maximized.

In the aspect of opening up the economic viability of the Warri Federal constituency, I will ensure that the Warri and Koko ports are opened, as well as attract other developmental objectives through foreign-direct investment. This will no doubt bring about an economic boom in Warri Federal Constituency in particular, Delta State and beyond. It is public knowledge that although we are a major Oil and gas producing Constituency, we do not have any multi-national IOC with its head office in the district. This is unfair to us. Hence, one of the great things we hope to achieve together is to see that some of the multi-nationals operating in our vicinity are located here.

All we need to get this done is to lobby other law makers in the upper and lower chambers that are from the South-South region and other stakeholders for the relocation of IOC’s to the Niger Delta region and being part of the Niger-Delta region and initiator of such move, we will surely benefit from this when it happens.


The world is at a critical point where food insecurity has been projected on a global scale due to climate change, not to mention the adverse effect of insecurity we have witnessed in recent time which has made farmers stay away from their farms. It is therefore important that we as a people develop an action plan to defend our people against hunger. To ensure food availability, I will mobilize and support both existing and young farmers to scale up food production. Close yield gap by implementing location specific agricultural input and management strategies which will increase access to food for our people. I will also ensure measures are in place to curb food wastage and also create avenue for local production and export.

On Human Capacity Building, I will sponsor a bill on recycling plastic waste to finished products, such as interlocking stones for private and public used.
Insecurity as an impediment to farming activities will become history. Security of lives and property is the basic right of every citizen, as such, this cannot be over looked. Development can only thrive where there is security and peace. To this end, if I am elected, I will ensure that security loop holes within our land borders are identified and improved. This will bring safety across all strata of human endeavour within our region and enable our farmers go about their activities peacefully.
More so, I shall ensure structures are in place for community leaders working in partnership with the Traditional Rulers and security agencies.


The National Assembly also has broad oversight functions and it is therefore empowered to establish committees of its members to scrutinize bills and the conduct of government institutions and officials. I will be committed to being a member or Chair committees that will be beneficial to my people, and the generality of Nigerians.
The Risk of Commercializing has limited our economic growth, therefore I will create an enabling environment by building conference/workshop facility to foster growths of ideas that are people oriented and focused.

Sometimes new ideas and project is not only what we need as a people but the sustainability of existing initiatives. This is one way to avoid many abandoned projects. If I am elected I will assess existing infrastructural programs and improve on them.

Also on creating an economically viable environment, I will look to improve trade policies using my experience. One of my role as the Jet Age Nation Builders Coordinator is to foster the participation of African countries in the African Continental free trade agreement (AFCFTA). I will work to replicate my ideas in our land, bringing opportunities to improve trade within our region, thereby bringing investors from Africa and the world. I will also Move motion for bills to amend tariffs and quotas that continue to impede the expansion of markets within our region.

I will also work to Promote Diversification. It is no longer news that oil is gradually losing its relevance as more countries are moving towards improved technologies that exempt the use of fuel, it is therefore important as a visionary leader to create alternatives that will improve the livelihoods of Niger-deltans.


Agriculture, AI and ICT are already being envisaged as worthy alternatives as Niger Delta is characterized as the largest wet land in Africa with Over 20,000 square kilometers of land mass which can be maximized for mechanized agriculture using Artificial intelligence.
The world is a global village, for this reason I will make our Constituency a haven for Information, Communication and Technology, and Artificial Intelligence base by working and partnering with Private and public/Local and International companies for the establishment of modern ICT facilities. This will make Warri Federal an ICT champion in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

 I will also establish a home for the most vulnerable and aged people in the District. This is to ensure they are properly cared for. We will however work out modalities to ensure that this is sustained and not abused.

 Asides being a member of the Federal House of Representatives, I also have the capacity to bring unusual representation by creating a channel for partnership with Industries, Contraction and Development Partners for affordable housing.

 If I am elected, it will go down in history that I did not support any bill that is not in the best interest of the people.

 If elected, I shall be accountable and transparent as I can be to my people and the the Federal Republic of Nigeria

Although I have used the first person singular in most parts of this manifesto, I wish to state at this point that in reality and in all sincerity, it is going to be we, not I, because no one can claim monopoly of ideas. For this reason I implore you to join hands with me, let us make a giant stride in our contribution to nation building for the benefit and service of humanity. Let us build a Society that would be beneficial to every one of us. And with God on our side we will get to the promise land.

In a nutshell my manifesto is summed up as “GET UP” as follows:

G- Good legislation
E- Empowerment and Employment
T- Transparency
U- Unusual representation
P- Peace and Progress